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The woodlands apartments with red and green bushes in front

Woodland Residences

2500 N. Washington Avenue
Map & Directions

The Woodland Residences provide apartment-style living for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, as well as graduate students. Each unit houses between four and ten students.


  • Genders: Men & Women, by apartment*
  • Non-smoking facility
  • Smoke-detectors

*Woodland Residences are single-sex by apartment.

4-Person Residences consist of 2 double rooms and 1-1/2 bathrooms. The kitchen, living room, washer, and dryer are located on the first floor.

5-Person Residences consist of 2 double rooms and 1 single room. These units have 2-bathrooms.  The kitchen and living room are on the first floor. Laundry services are available in the community room. (A unit is available with wheelchair access on the first floor.)

10-Person Residences consist of 5 double rooms and 5 bathrooms. These units include a kitchen, living room, dishwasher, and washer/dryer.

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