Marywood's Academic Support for English Language Learners provides resources to improve your English and tips for success at Marywood.

Our Services

• Drop-in sessions
• 15-20 minute meetings
• Assist with starting an assignment
• Read through and review assignment for comprehension
• Create an outline to complete assignment
• Set-up paper review appointment for next visit


Immigration Information

ESL Cyber Listening Lab - Here you will find resources to practice your listening skills. Remember, the more you practice, the better your listening will be.

Speaking - Practice your English in a comfortable setting by coming to a conversation group where we chat about sports, family, & much more!

Textbook Reading Tips

  • Preview the chapter
  1. Read the main title
  2. Read all subtitles
  3. Read the first sentence of each paragraph
  4. Read the introductory paragraph
  5. Read the concluding paragraph
  6. Study the charts, illustrations, and pictures
  • Read the entire chapter, underlining vocabulary
  • Re-read and take notes
  • Study your notes

Writing Tips

Organization is very important!

  1. Read the assignment multiple times before beginning writing.
  2. Make an outline.
  3. Research the points in your outline.
  4. Begin writing.

Writing Practice Websites

The Area's First Program of Its Kind

In 1955, Marywood and WARM TV cooperate to offer a course, "The History of Drama," which airs on Channel 16 on Thursday evenings for thirteen weeks with George Perry of the Drama Department as a lecturer. This is the area's first program of its kind.