Bioethics Certificate Program

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The practice of medicine and medical research impacts all of our lives, potentially helping us or harming us in significant ways. Bioethics is the study of ethical issues that arise in our efforts to advance medical technology and improve human health. In the Bioethics Certificate Program, students will learn how to think through complex ethical issues such as physician-assisted dying, decision-making for incompetent patients, access to healthcare, stem cell research, and the use of genetic technology in reproductive choices. Courses in the program can be taken in the classroom or online.

 Program Overview (14 credit-hours total)

Two required courses (3 CR each):

  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Bioethics

Any two additional elective courses (3 CR each):

  • Ethics, Science, and Biotechnology
  • Healthcare and Social Justice
  • Philosophy of Mental Health
  • Special Topics in Bioethics

Capstone Study in Bioethics (2 CR)

  • Independent study resulting in research paper on a topic chosen by student in consultation with faculty member           

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