Exercise Science

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Exercise Science

  • Hands-on experience, including a yearlong internship
  • Preparation for a variety of health-related careers
  • Foundation for graduate study
  • Top-notch facilities, including a human physiology lab

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Our exercise science program is designed for students who are interested in health and fitness and wish to pursue a career in these fields. Exercise science is the study of the way physical activity changes your body.

Hands-On Experience

Students in our exercise science program benefit from hands-on experiences both in and outside of class, including a yearlong internship.

Prepare for Graduate Study

An exercise science degree provides an excellent foundation for graduate study in a variety of related fields:

  • Exercise physiology
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy

    More About This Degree

    Angela Hillman, PhD. ECP
    Full-Time Faculty

    Kathy Uhranowsky, RN, CCRP
    Human Physiology Lab Manager
    Clinical Research Coordinator

    Shelby W. Yeager, M.Ed., LAT, ATC, NASM-PES, CES, FMSC
    Department Chair, Clinical Education Coordinator for Athletic Training Program

    Dr. Justus Hallam
    Full Time Faculty
    This is just a sample of our Athletic Training and Exercise Science faculty - see them all!

    Students in our exercise science program have access to the equipment and facilities necessary to study athletes in even the most extreme environments:

    • Human physiology lab
    • Fitness center
    • Dance and aerobic studios
    • Biochemistry lab

    Our exercise science program will prepare you to take certification exams offered by the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

    A degree in exercise science can lead to a variety of careers:

    • Exercise Physiologist
    • Strength and Conditioning Coach
    • Clinical or Corporate Wellness
    • Physical or Occupational Therapy
    • Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant Program

    Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

    • Official SAT and/or ACT scores
    • Completed application
    • Essay
    • Official transcripts
    • Letter of recommendation

    Find Your Counselor

    An 18-credit minor in Athletic Training and Exercise Science is available to interested students. Students must check prerequisites for courses. Courses included in the minor are:

    HPE 111R Weight Lifting 1
    HPE 132 Personal and Community Health 3
    HPE 241 Methods in Elementary Physical Education 3
    HPE 242, 243 Elementary Physical Education Methods Laboratory 1
    HPE 215 Introduction to Sports Medicine 2
    HPE 324 Motor Learning 2
    HPE 322 School Health 3
    HPE 344 Adapted Physical Education 3