Health Services Administration


  • Manage/administer health care facilities
  • Improve delivery of health services to the community
  • Career improvement and development

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Health Services Administration at Marywood

The MHSA provides graduate education in health care administration for persons seeking careers in the management and administration of health care facilities/organizations. This degree also provides opportunities for individuals in health services to seek career improvement and development.

More About This Degree

The Nursing and Public Administration programs are located in the Center for Natural and Health Sciences. You'll find specialized computerized programs, including CAI (computer-assisted instruction) and NCLEX preparation software, and interactive video capability. General word processing and statistical software is available in the lab as well.


I’m a Vaccine Specialist for Sanofi Pasteur in the Washington D.C. metro area.

In my role, I promote the importance and effectiveness of immunizations; educate on recommendations and burden of disease; and drive revenue growth by analyzing market trends, developing and maintaining business, and selling pediatric, adolescent, and adult vaccines in the healthcare community. With the collaboration of my company and team, I focus daily on our vision: A world in which no one suffers or dies from a vaccine-preventable disease.

Marywood University’s MBA program helped with my current position by providing a strong foundation to hone my business management knowledge, leadership, and analytical skills.  The small class settings allowed for a personal approach in learning and discussing important current business trends and issues.  This has led to my success in my career and in personal growth.

Graduate Admissions Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • “B” average during undergraduate study or demonstrated potential for graduate work
  • Completed application
  • Essay
  • Official, sealed transcripts
  • Two or three letters of recommendation

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Stanley Kania

Graduate Admissions Counselor
Phone: 570-348-6211 ext 2271

About me: I joined the Marywood Admissions staff as a Graduate Admissions Counselor in August 2011. A native of Northeast PA, I am a two-time graduate of Marywood University receiving my Bachelors of Arts in Political Science/Law in 2011 and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in 2014. In May 2016, I began my two year term as President of PAGAP, the Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals. I also serve my alma mater as the 2nd Vice-President of the Marywood Alumni Association Board of Directors. Currently, I am pursuing my doctorate degree in Marywood University’s Ph.D Program in Human Development focusing my studies in Organizational Leadership. My research interests include alumni engagement in collegiate recruiting, leadership in higher education, and the utilization of post-secondary institutions as incubators for entrepreneurship. My goal in obtaining my PhD is to become a college professor or an enrollment management administrator.

My interests: In my spare time, I love to golf, cook, travel, and hang out with family and friends.

My favorite thing about Marywood: There are endless opportunities for students to get involved in clubs and extra-curricular activities on both the undergraduate and graduate level.

My favorite place on campus: The Admissions Office because I have the privilege of having the best colleagues anyone can ask for.

You'd never guess: I was so indecisive as to what I wanted to major in as an undergraduate that I changed my major nine times.

My best advice: When it comes to applying for graduate school, it is important to do a few things: plan accordingly to get all materials submitted in time, visit campus and tour the academic department of your intended program, and stay in constant contact with your counselor if you have any questions or concerns.

Master of Health Services Administration (M.H.S.A.) 


A management career in Health Services Administration allows students to gain proficiency in management skills and can improve the delivery of health services in a community. This proficiency contributes to highly successful health care delivery committed to quality. In turn, the consumers benefit from effective and efficient health care services.

The M.H.S.A. provides graduate education in health care administration for persons seeking careers in the management and administration of health care facilities/organizations and other healthcare settings. This degree also provides opportunities for individuals in health services to seek career improvement and development.

The M.H.S.A. provides health care managers with a framework for decision-making in the constantly changing health care environment. At the same time the degree provides a background of operational resources for managers in the field.

This program course will enhance the administrative training of students concerned with the provision of health care and the current health care reform. Students’ needs and goals are met, bringing the application of management skills from a theoretical model. This degree will be a step in meeting the needs of those professionals currently practicing and also will prepare the health service administrators of tomorrow.

Master of Health Services Administration (M.H.S.A.)

36 semester hours


24 semester hours

HSA 506 Research Theory 3
HSA 533 Research Methods (BUS 590) 3
HSA 507 Organizational Dynamics 3
HSA 518 Policy and Program Analysis 3
HSA 520 Introduction to Health Services Administration 3
HSA 532 Legal Aspects of Clinical and Health Care Organizations 3
HSA 537 Managerial Decision-Making in Health Care Organizations 3
HSA 538 Institutional Budgeting and Planning 3
HSA 555 Professional Contribution/Research Design 0
HSA 597 Management Project/Internship 3

II. ELECTIVES(12 semester hours)

HSA 510 Concepts and Issues in Gerontology (SW 941) 3
HSA 524 Health Care Systems Analysis 3
HSA 525 Health Care Economics 3
HSA 527 Gerontological Services Administration 3
HSA 528 Administration of Long-Term Care 3
HSA 529 Planning Health Care Services for the Elderly 3
HSA 539 Overview of Managed Care 3
HSA 580 Epidemiology/Environmental Health 3
HSA 583 Marketing and Strategic Planning 3
GER 525 Aging Changes and Health Problems 3