Music, Theatre, and Dance: Theatre

Students in this program are prepared for work in the contemporary theatre. With an ensemble philosophy as the foundation of the program, students major in one area of theatre while participating in all aspects of production, which broadens their knowledge base, creates an understanding and sensitivity to the whole theatre process, and often develops marketable skills outside of their major. Acting, theatre production, playwriting and stage direction are explored, as are theatre's classical roots and developing trends. Dance and Movement courses are offered to augment skills, competencies and academic programs.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of productions:

  • Main stage productions: Students work with professional staff and guest artists in a wide range of play choices that regularly include musicals and children’s theatre. Vehicles are chosen to best display current talent in performance and production and to enhance skills learned in the classroom. 
  • Student Productions: Theatre students have an opportunity to direct/produce a variety of plays. Productions are generally staged in the department's Black Box Theatre.
  • Acting, directing and playwrighting showcases: These showcases give students the opportunity to apply their course work in public performances. 
  • Street theatre performance: Commedia dell’arte is often studies as movement training, and street theatre is often performed in conjunction with the training.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) Theatre

Basic requirements for all students in Theatre program (15 cr.)


THEA 113 Introduction to Theatre 3
THEA 130A Theatre Lab 1
THEA 247A Stage Management 2
THEA 341 Theatre History 2
THEA 342A Script Analysis 2
THEA 342B Survey in Dramatic Literature 2
THEA 451 Capstone Project 3


BA in Theatre (65 cr.) Course requirements include 15 credits listed above, plus:


THEA 241 Fundamentals of Acting 3
THEA 247B Scenic Design
THEA 247C Lighting and Sound Design 2
Costuming and Make-Up
THEA 343 Theatre Management
THEA 347 Fundamentals of Directing 3
THEA 404
Theatre as Business 2
THEA 130B Theatre Lab 1
THEA 230A, B Theatre Lab 1,1
THEA 330A, B Theatre Lab 1,1
THEA 430A, B Theatre Lab 1,1


PLUS: Six (6) credits from the following:


THEA 242 Advanced Acting 3
THEA 247 Advanced Production
THEA 348 Advanced Directing 3
DANC 140
Fundamentals of Dance/Movement


Students select electives with advisement from program director, and are encouraged to take 18-credit minor in an area of related interest.