Bachelor of Music (BM) in Music Performance

Music performance majors are prepared for solo and/or ensemble performance, studio teaching, or further graduate study. In addition to a solo recital in senior year, performance majors must present a solo recital in junior year. Course numbers, titles, and credits are listed below.

I. Major Area

MUSC varies Applied Major 32
MUSC varies Pedagogy/Literature (applied) 1-4
MUSC varies Ensemble 4+

II. Supportive Music Courses

MUSC 111A, B Written Theory I 4
MUSC 112A, B Aural Skills I 2
MUSC 115A, B Conducting I 2
MUSC 120A, B Fundamental Vocal Tech 2
MUSC 127A, B Class Piano (where applicable) 4
MUSC 211A, B Written Theory II 2
MUSC 212A, B Aural Skills II 2
MUSC 213A, B Keyboard Harmony 2
MUSC 309 Form and Analysis 3
MUSC 318A, B, C Vocal Diction (It., Ger., Fr; voice majors) 3
MUSC 322, 323 History of Music I, II 6
MUSC 411 Modal Counterpoint 3
MUSC 412A Orchestration 2
MUSC 413 Tonal Counterpoint 3
MUSC 415 Composition 3
MUSC 419 Conducting II 1
MUSC 421 Intro to World Music 1
MUSC varies Elective 3
MUSC 382 Junior Recital 0
MUSC 482 Senior Recital 0