Mathematics & Computer Science: Mathematics/Secondary Education Program

Program Contact:

Craig Johnson, Ph.D.
Center for Natural and Health Science (CNHS) building, Room 319

(570) 348-6211 ext. 6291

Administrative Assistant:

Marcie Gaughan
Center for Natural and Health Science (CNHS) building, Room 320 A 
(570) 348-6265

Jason Bugno

Photo of Jason Bugno
Class of 2010

I work for Scranton Preparatory School. The members of Marywood’s math department teach much more than math skills. They teach you how to think. They challenge you to discover and use new concepts and ideas to solve problems.

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B.S. in Mathematics/Secondary Education

In addition to the goals for mathematics majors, students in the B.S. in Math/Secondary Education program will:

  • Know and understand mathematics substantially beyond that which they may be expected to teach.
  • Be able to relate that mathematics to the world of the student.
  • Be able to make the pupil aware of the role of mathematics in our culture and of the relationship between mathematics and the natural and social sciences.
  • Be able to plan and implement a program of learning in mathematics for students of varying backgrounds and abilities.
  • Be able to evaluate the learning process through a variety of methods and set up an environment conducive to learning.
  • Recognize learning disabilities and know the appropriate measures to take in such cases.

Course Requirements

All Current Curriculum Guides

I. All courses in this list (28 credits)

CS 142 Programming in C++ 3
MATH 201 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I 3
MATH 202 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II 3
MATH 203 Calculus with Analytic Geometry III 3
MATH 204 Calculus with Analytic Geometry IV 3
MATH 220 (or 216) Introduction to Probability and Statistics 3
MATH 271 Transition to Advanced Mathematics 3
MATH 321 Abstract Algebra 3
MATH 322, 322L Linear Algebra 3
MATH 495 Senior Seminar 1

II. Cognate requirement (4 credits)

Mathematics/Secondary Education majors must take PHYS 303, 303L. These courses satisfy Category III of the Liberal Arts Core Requirements.

PHYS 303 General Physics I 3
PHYS 303L General Physics I Lab 1

III. Electives

Program Elective List A (6 credits)

Math/Secondary Education majors must take MATH 323 and 324.

MATH 323 Theory of Numbers 3
MATH 324 College Geometry 3

Program Elective List B (6 credits)

Math/Secondary Education majors must take MATH 219 and 411B.

MATH 219 History of Mathematics 3
MATH 411B Curriculum Methods in Mathematics 3

General Elective

All Marywood undergraduate students must have a minimum of 120 credits to graduate. Math majors must take enough general elective credits to meet this minimum before graduation.

IV. Education Courses (35 credits)

EDUC 000 Field Experience (every semester) 0
EDUC 005D Practicum 1
EDUC 100/101 Introduction to Education I/II .5, .5
PSY 252 Psychology of Adolescence 3
EDUC 311 Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 411A Effective Instruction in Secondary and K-12 Education 3
EDUC 414 Social Foundations of Education 3
S ED 100 Characteristics of Students with Disabilities 3
S ED 300 Curriculum Adaptations (Taken while Student Teaching) 3
S ED 367 Behavior and Classroom Management 3
EDUC 561 Methods, Materials, and Assessment of ELL 3
EDUC 442 Student Teaching 9

Note: The following courses MUST be taken as a block in one semester:
EDUC 005D, S ED 367, EDUC 311, EDUC 411A, EDUC 414.