Education: M.S. in Reading Education

Teachers, are you passionate about literacy?

If so, give yourself the competitive edge to become a leader in reading education in your school or district by earning a Master of Science in Reading Education. Increase your knowledge of reading instruction, diagnosis, and remediation of reading problems, and learn new research-based strategies that will help you teach readers of any age in a K-12 setting.

I. Concentration

R ED 524A

Creative Teaching of Language Arts


R ED 526

Teaching Content Area Reading


R ED 530

Reading Disabilities and Diagnosis


R ED 533*

Remedial Techniques


R ED 540**

Practicum/Seminar in Reading


R ED 542***

Organization of School Reading Programs


EDUC 511

Children’s Literature


R ED 546

Reading Specialist Internship


II. Professional Education and Core Courses

EDUC 501

Research Theory


EDUC 502

Multidisciplinary Foundations of Education


EDUC 554

Contemporary Learning Theories


EDUC 555

Professional Contribution


*Prerequisite: R ED 524, R ED 530
**Prerequisites: R ED 524, 526, 530, 533
***Prerequisites: R ED 524, 526

Based on national standards of the International Reading Association, this 33-semester hour program is designed for teachers with initial certification and satisfies the requirements for a Master of Science in Reading Education Degree. In addition to required courses, candidates must pass Praxis examinations for certification in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Candidates have access to computer laboratories, curriculum library, a fully networked and automated reference library, onsite and remote access to online databases and electronic journals. The Reading Clinic is used as a practicum center by graduate reading candidates enrolled in the diagnostic and/or tutorial labs.