Business: M.S. in Management Information Systems

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The Master of Science degree program is designed to prepare candidates for career advancement and provides the graduate student with an area of specialization in Management Information Systems. Students seeking the MS degree in Management Information Systems will have to satisfy the Common Professional Component (CPC) through the one credit modules offered in the MBA program, or take the DANTE and/or CLEP exams and achieve a satisfactory score.

The Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems provides a flexible education for students interested in professional information systems.

A. Core
BUS 531 Advanced Topics in Management Information Systems
BUS 541 Organizational Behavior and Development
BUS 548 Operational Analysis and Management
BUS 590 Research Methodology

BUS 554

Policy Formulation and Strategy Management
B. Area of Concentration

(Select four courses)

BUS 533
Computer Programming Language: Object Oriented
BUS 534 Business Intelligence 3
BUS 535 Data Mining 3
BUS 546 Managing the Organization in the Marketspace
BUS 562 Systems Analysis and Design: Industrial Problem-Solving
BUS 563 Database Management Systems
BUS 564 Accounting Information Systems
BUS 566 Telecommunications for Business Systems
BUS 569 Management of Innovation and Technology
BUS 592 Web Application Design 3
BUS 593 Business Information Security and Continuity  
BUS 594 ERP systems  
C. Electives

Select any three (3) graduate-level business courses, including e-business courses, with advisor approval, including E-Business and Financial Information Systems classes.