Graduate Essay Requirements


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Essay Requirements

If your program is not listed, you should include a brief statement of your career goals and how they align with your program. 

Art Therapy Applicants must submit an essay of 350-word minimum addressing the three points outlined below:

  • Describe your personal involvement in art.
  • Describe your understanding of art therapy.
  • Why have you chosen to pursue art therapy graduate education?

Autism Endorsement Online Program Applicants must submit a 350-word essay describing how this program will enhance your current profession and advance your career goals.

Biotechnology Applicants must submit an essay (1-2 pages) describing your career objectives and how the M.S. Biotechnology degree will assist with such goals.

Business Applicants must submit an essay discussing your career objectives and why you want to pursue a career in business (350-word minimum).

Communication Arts Applicants must submit a statement of intent and how you hope to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Counseling (School and Mental Health) Applicants must submit an essay outlining professional and personal qualities that you believe will make you a successful school or mental health counselor.  Applicants should be specific.  Please review the follow resources prior to submitting the essay:

Criminal Justice Applicants must submit an essay discussing your career objectives and the way in which the Criminal Justice program will contribute to these objectives (350-word minimum).

Education Applicants must submit an essay discussing your career objectives and why you want to pursue a career in education.

Ed. S. School Psychology Applicants must submit a personal statement citing reasons for entering the profession of school psychology and giving an estimate of potential for success in the field; included should be a resume of your professional experience.

Nutrition Applicants must submit an essay discussing your career objectives and why you want to pursue a career in nutrition or sports nutrition (350-word minimum).

Psychology Applicants must submit an essay discussing your career objectives and why you want to pursue a career in psychology.

Public Administration/Health Services Administration Applicants must submit an admission essay (350-word minimum) addressing the four points outlined below:

  • Describe your professional work background.
  • What attracted you to a M.P.A. / M.H.S.A.?
  • What do you expect to receive in management training?
  • How do you expect to use the management training and the M.P.A. / M.H.S.A. degree as a credential in pursuing your career objectives?

Social Work Applicants must submit an informal statement of about 800 words (3 pages). This statement should include information about the following:

  • Development of your interest in social work, including educational work and personal experiences as relevant.
  • Your strengths in relation to social work practice.
  • Gaps or limitations in your experience or attributes that would need attention in preparing for social work practice.
  • Your preference for your future in social work.

Speech-Language Pathology Applicants must respond to each of the following questions in a well-developed essay. Elaboration of responses, cohesive writing style, and writing mechanics (e.g. spelling, grammar, punctuation) will be considered when reviewing the essay portion of your application. Your final essay response should be no more than 1500 words total, double-spaced in 12 pt. font. 

  • What excites you about learning?
  • Describe how you perceive your responsibility to the learning process. Discuss the strategies/methods you use to prepare for class. How much time do you spend preparing for each class?
  • Describe a learning experience/learning opportunity between you and a professor/instructor that you perceived as positive and one you perceived as negative. Explain why the experience was positive/negative.
  • Reflect on Marywood’s mission statement and core values. Discuss how this foundation has shaped your readiness to begin graduate studies. If you were not a Marywood undergraduate student, please discuss how our mission statement and core values can shape your readiness to begin graduate studies at Marywood.
  • What inspired you to become a speech-language pathologist?  What personal qualities do you think are needed to become an effective clinician and why?   

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