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Mental Health Counseling

Master of Arts (MA) in Mental Health Counseling

  • Work with children, families, elderly, adults
  • Work in agencies, offices, parishes, colleges, addiction centers
  • Prepare for LPC licensure in PA
  • CACREP accredited programd

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Mental Health Counseling at Marywood

The program prepares counselors for careers in settings such as mental health, child welfare and family counseling agencies; institutions for the aging; employment and personnel offices; parishes; college counseling centers and fields dealing with chemical dependency and other addictions. The program provides the required educational credits for students to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Pennsylvania. Because the program is CACREP accredited, training in this program is recognized nationally (though specific laws and licensing regulations vary in each state).

More About This Degree

Jennifer Barna, Ph.D., NCC, ACS
Associate Professor
Program Director, PK-12 School Counseling

Janet Muse-Burke, Ph.D., LPC
Associate Professor
Program Director, LPC Post-Masters & Undergraduate Minor in Counseling and Human Development

Bradley Janey, Ph.D., LPC
Program Director, Personal and Academic Success Services (PASS)

McGowan Center

The William G. McGowan Center for Graduate and Professional Studies provides psychology and counseling students with facilities for clinical training, student research, and psychological testing.

There are also plenty of places to relax and socialize in the McGowan Center, including the Atrium Diner.

    Personal and Academic Success Services (PASS)

    PASS provides free counseling services to undergraduate students with personal, academic, and career concerns. Services are provided by graduate students enrolled in the mental health counseling program, under the supervision of a faculty member.

    Psychological Services Center (PSC)

    The Psychological Services Center provides mental health services to the community and training facilities for students in undergraduate, master's, and doctoral programs. The clinic has one-way observation rooms for individual, group, and family therapy.

    Psychology Library

    This library is part of the Curriculum Laboratory and contains books and journals related to psychology. Students are encouraged to use this library for research.

    More Facilities & Services


    At Marywood, I learned the tools of building relationships from a counselor perspective.

    I currently work as an undergraduate adviser at The Catholic University of America.  In my position, I hope I have a positive impact on students, similar to how I was influenced by my former Marywood professors.  I also enjoy research and would like to transfer those skills to academic advising.

    Marywood has prepared me for a career in academic advising on the college level in several ways. At Marywood, I learned the tools of building relationships from a counselor perspective.  I also built strong mentor/student relationships, especially with Dr. Janet Muse-Burke, with whom I still maintain a friendship.

    Marywood’s core values created such a great environment on campus.  I remember visiting as a high school student and feeling welcomed the moment I stepped on campus.  As I began my job search, I was hoping to find the same personal kindness and sense of community I felt at Marywood, so it was not a surprise that I ended up working at another Catholic university.

    Graduate Admissions Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university
    • “B” average during undergraduate study or demonstrated potential for graduate work
    • Completed application
    • Essay
    • Official, sealed transcripts
    • Two or three letters of recommendation

    Find Your Counselor

    Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    60 semester hours


    6 semester hours

    PSYC 501 Research Methods 3
    PSYC 514 Human Development


    42 semester hours

    COUN 500 Field Placement Prep
    COUN 505 Career Development
    COUN 507 Principles and Practices of Clinical Mental Health Counseling
    *COUN 518 Applied Practice
    COUN 525 Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
    *COUN 530 Ethics and Professional Conduct
    COUN 532 Multicultural Issues for Counseling Professionals
    COUN 543 Group Process in Counseling
    *COUN 544 Counseling Techniques
    *COUN 557 Applied Practice II in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
    *COUN 552A,B,C,D Internship in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
    3 total
    COUN 561 Introduction to Psychological Testing
    COUN 584 Marital Counseling and Therapy
    COUN 586 Chemical Dependence 3
    PSYC 531 Psychopathology  3

    * “B” grade required


    12 semester hours

    Twelve graduate level credits must be completed in counseling or related disciplines, depending on the experiential background, interests, and professional goals of the student.

    Psychology and other University courses can be elected with the advice of and/or permission of the student's advisor and the program director.