• Careers in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, health care, & more
  • Blend science with communication, management, analytical reasoning
  • 5-year B.S. to M.S. or 2-year M.S. track

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The M.S. Biotechnology program will prepare you for careers in broad fields related to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, health care, as well as many others. This professional science master’s (PSM) program is an interdisciplinary graduate degree that blends modern science education with communication skills, management and business understanding, and analytical reasoning. The present market for scientists with a MS Biotechnology degree is strong, due to the fact that master’s level biotech and pharmaceuticals workers can handle many of the needs for a given company, such as laboratory discovery research in addition to roles in management. A Professional Science Master’s -based M.S. Biotechnology degree is ideal for mid- and upper-level technical/lab research and business-management/research positions in private, public and government sectors, as well for academic instructor positions in academia. If you are considering a doctoral degree as part of your future goals, this degree is also more attractive to medical, veterinary and dental schools. Finally, the M.S. Biotechnology degree will give you graduate training without investing the time required for a Ph.D.

More About This Degree

Lisa Antoniacci, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology, HPAC Chair
Courses: Biotechnology, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Cell Biology

Christopher Brey, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Courses: Biotechnology and Genetics

Michael Kiel, Ph.D.
Chairperson, Associate Professor of Biology
Courses: Cell Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology
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The M.S. Biotechnology program is housed primarily in the Center for Natural and Health Sciences (CNHS), which is equipped with five laboratories, computer/bioinformatics labs and a multimedia auditorium. Labs include a new biotechnology teaching and research space. Recent grant awards from the National Science Foundation and from Sanofi Pasteur (Swiftwater, PA) have further strengthened the CNHS facilities.

Graduate Admissions Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • “B” average during undergraduate study or demonstrated potential for graduate work
  • Completed application
  • Essay
  • Official, sealed transcripts
  • Two or three letters of recommendation

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Program Course Requirements

(Total credits: 37-39)


COMM 503 Public Presentation
PSY 501 Research Methods
PUB 511 Ethics in Management
* BUS 500+ Graduate Business (MBA)
* BUS 500+ Graduate Business (MBA)
* BUS 500+ Graduate Business (MBA)
  Interdisciplinary Total Credits

*Graduate Business (MBA) courses required; choose a total of three (3):

BUS 542 Financial Planning & Management
BUS 556 Business Venture & Entrepreneur

At the UG level, BUS 321 is recommended before taking BUS 542 and BUS 556.

BUS 541 Organizational Behavior and Development
BUS 568 Legal Aspects of the Administrative Process
BUS 570 Marketing & Strategic Planning

At the UG level, BUS 341 is recommended before taking BUS 541, BUS 568, and BUS 570.

BUS 546 Managing the Organization in the Marketspace
BUS 569 Management of Technology
At the UG level, BUS 301 is recommended before taking BUS 546 and BUS 569.


BIOL 501 Cell Culture
BIOL 502 Bioinformatics
BIOL 520 Literature Review
BIOL 540 + L Molecular & Cellular Biology
BIOL 583 Emerging Medicines and Technologies
Science Total Credits: 15

III. SCIENCE ELECTIVES (Choose 2 electives)

ENVS 520 + L Ecology
3 (4)
BIOL 521 + L Biochemistry
3 (4)
BIOL 122 Biochemstry II 3
BIOL 530 Laboratory Instruction
BIOL 532 + L Immunology
3 (4)
BIOL 546 + L Genetics
3 (4)
BIOL 595 Research
1 or 2
Science Elective Total Credits: 4-6

Total Number of Credits: 37-39

** BIOL 530: Student enrollment approved by Program Director and Department Chairperson.