Music, Theatre, and Dance: Theatre Education

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication Arts 7-12/Theatre Education

Students are certified to teach Communication Arts at the secondary 7-12 level. The certification area includes: English, theatre, and non-print media.

Basic requirements for all students in Theatre Education program (15 cr.)


THEA 113 Introduction to Theatre 3
THEA 130A Theatre Lab 1
THEA 247A Stage Management 2
THEA 341 Theatre History 2
THEA 342A Tragedy in Dramatic Literature 2
THEA 342B Comedy in Dramatic Literature 2
THEA 451 Capstone Project 3


BA in Theatre Education (74 cr.)


COMM 112 Communication Theory 3
THEA 230A or B
Theatre Lab 1
THEA 330A or B
Theatre Lab
THEA 430A or B
Theatre Lab 1
ENGL 400
Structure of Linguistics
THEA 241
Fundamentals of Acting
Scenic Design 2
THEA 247C Lighting and Sound Design 2
THEA 347 Fundamentals of Directing 3
+ ENGL 412A or 412B Teaching of Writing OR
Teaching of Literature


+One of these courses is applied to the requirements for the major and one may be applied as either an upper-level liberal arts English requirement OR liberal arts general elective.

PLUS: Six (6) credits from the following non-print courses:


COMM 231 Audio Production 3
COMM 233
Video Production I
COMM 234
Video Production II 3
COMM 237
New Communication Tech
COMM varies
Non-print media course


Professional education sequence includes the following courses (28 cr.)


EDUC 000 Field Experience (ongoing) 0
EDUC 100, 101
Intro to Education
.5, .5
PSY 251
Developmental Psych
PSY 311
Educational Psych
EDUC 411A Effective Instruction in Secondary/K-12
EDUC 414
Social Foundations of Education
EDUC 442
Student Teaching


**Curriculum requirements in this section are subject to change. based on PA state department of education guidelines. PA state regulations require nine (9) credits in Special Education and three (3) credits in ELL for all teacher education programs: S ED 152 Orientation to Exceptionalities; S ED 300 Curriculum Adaptations; S ED 367 Behavior & Classroom Management; EDUC 561 Methods, Materials, and Assessment of ELL.