Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music (Musical Theatre)

This program combines degree work in music and theatre. Musical Theatre majors are prepared for a career in musical theatre and/or drama, as well as for further graduate study. This program has received final approval for listing in the NASM Directory.

Program objectives: (a) introduction to technical facilities of musical theatre; (b) familiarization with separate and combined standards for effective theatrical/musical performance; and, (c) developing competencies in musical theatre performance*. Students must appear in public musical performance each year at Marywood. An audition is required.

*For music, theatre, and dance components, see course numbers, titles, and credits listed below.

I. Music Component (31 cr.)

MUSC 111A, B Written Theory I 4
MUSC 112A, B Aural Skills I 2
Conducting I 1
MUSC 127A Class Piano 2
MUSC 120A, B Fundamental Vocal Tech 2
MUSC 319A, B Musical Theatre Repertoire 3
MUSC 322, 323 History of Music I, II 6
MUSC varies Applied Major 7
MUSC varies Vocal Ensemble 2
MUSC varies Elective 2

II. Theatre Component (29 cr.)


THEA 113 Introduction to Theatre 3
THEA 230B Theatre Lab 1
THEA 241 Fundamentals of Acting 3
THEA 242 Advanced Acting 3
THEA 244abcd Audition Workshop 2
THEA 247A Stage Management 2
Theatre Lab
THEA 341 Theatre History 2
THEA 342A Tragedy in Dramatic Literature 2
THEA 342B Comedy in Dramatic Literature 2
THEA 347 Fundamentals of Directing 3
THEA 404
Theatre as Business
THEA 451 Capstone Project


III. Dance Component (15 cr.)


DANC 140
Fundamentals of Dance/Movement
DANC 141
Body Awareness (must enroll in 141L)
Body Awareness Lab
DANC 142
Fundamentals of Improv/Choreography
DANC varies*

Dance Technique



Dance technique courses: ballet, jazz, modern dance, tap, musical theatre, stage combat, and special topics.