Bachelor of Music (BM) in Music Education

Music education majors are eligible for Pennsylvania teacher certification in music K-12 (vocal/general and instrumental), and for further graduate study. Professional memberships available through the National Association for Music Education (MENC) and the Pennsylvania Music Education Association (PMEA).

Formal application to the Teacher Education Program (sophomore screening process) is made upon completion of 48 credits. Minimum GPA of 3.0 is set by PA Department of Education. Candidates complete 100 hours of assigned fieldwork in observation prior to student teaching. Teacher certification requires completion of student teaching experiences in elementary K-6 and secondary 7-12 placements, and passing of PRAXIS tests. Refer to University education department for all admission and retention criteria.

Post-Baccalaureate Music K-12 Certification

Applicants with bachelor's degree in a related music field (performance, music therapy) may seek initial teacher certification. Minimum required undergraduate GPA of 3.0 set by PA Department of Education. Post-bacc candidates must successfully complete two components: Music Education (II) and Professional Education (III). Applicants with bachelor's degree in a field other than music must complete all three components: Basic musicianship, music education, and professional education. Course numbers, titles, and credits are listed below.

I. Basic Musicianship/Performance

MUSC 111A, B Written Theory I 4
MUSC 112A, B Aural Skills I 2
MUSC 115A, B Conducting I 2
MUSC 120A, B Fundamental Vocal Tech 2
MUSC 127A, B Class Piano (where applicable) 4
MUSC 211A, B Written Theory II 2
MUSC 212A, B Aural Skills II 2
MUSC 213A, B Keyboard Harmony 2
MUSC 309 Form and Analysis 3
MUSC 318A, B, C Vocal Diction (It., Ger., Fr.; voice majors) 3
MUSC 322, 323 History of Music I, II 6
MUSC 412A Orchestration 2
MUSC 421 Intro to World Music 1
MUSC 419 Conducting II 1
MUSC varies Applied Major 14
MUSC varies Applied Minor 2
MUSC varies Ensemble 4+
MUSC 482 Senior Recital 0

II. Music Education Component

MUSC 118 Percussion Methods 2
MUSC 215A Violin Methods 2
MUSC 215B Cello/Bass Methods 2
MUSC 303A Woodwinds I (single reed) 1
MUSC 303B Woodwinds II (double reed) 1
MUSC 311B Music in the Elementary School 2
MUSC 312 Music in the Secondary School 2
MUSC 315C Instrumental Lab
MUSC 315D High Brass Methods 1
MUSC 315E Low Brass Methods

III. Professional Education*

EDUC 000 Field Experience, 100 hrs 0
EDUC 100, 101 Introduction to Education 1
PSY 251 Developmental Psychology 3
EDUC 311 Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 411A Effective Instruction K-12
EDUC 414 Social Foundations of Education 3
EDUC 442M Student Teaching 9

*Curriculum requirements in this section are subject to change, based on PA state department of education guidelines. PA State regulations require nine (9) credits in Special Education and three (3) credits in ELL for all teacher education programs. ELL requirement fulfilled during student teaching semester. Required courses: S ED 152 Orientation to Exceptionalities (3); S ED 300 Curriculum Adaptations (3); S ED 367 Behavior & Classroom Management (3); EDUC 561 Methods, Materials, and Assessment of ELL (3).

Master of Arts (MA) in Music Education

PA Department of Education requires minimum 3.0 GPA (on 4.0 scale) in undergraduate degree for admission to graduate education programs. Applicants audition on applied major instrument and take entrance exams in music theory/music history for placement in graduate coursework. An applicant may submit videotape evidencing music teaching proficiency to support application.

Degree Candidacy: Admission to graduate study does not assure admission to candidacy for the degree. A thorough assessment of the candidate's academic progress is made by the music department, including completion of 12 credits with "B" or better GPA, all prerequisites for degree program have been met. Notification of candidacy is given in writing by the department administrator.

Upon completion of coursework, degree candidates take the comprehensive exam (written/oral) and complete degree requirements by choosing master's thesis, professional contribution (project), or lecture-recital under the direction of department faculty mentor.

The MA in music education degree leads to eligibility for permanent certification in PA and in other states that accept the certificate. Candidates must complete all requirementments for initial PA certification, including successful practice teaching in music K-12. Course numbers, titles, and credits are listed below.

I. Required Major Courses (15 cr.)

EDUC 502 Multidisciplinary Foundations of Education
(required for all graduate education majors)
EDUC 501

Intro to Music Bibliography & Research OR
Research Theory

MUSC 506 Psychology of Music (online) 3
MUSC 521 Seminar in Elementary Education 3
MUSC 522
Seminar in Secondary Education 3

II. Supportive Courses (12 cr.)

MUSC 501 Computers and Technology for the Musician 3
MUSC 511 Analytical Techniques 3
MUSC 519 Seminar in World Music 3
MUSC 525 Admin and Supervision of Music Ed (online) 3

III. Electives (9 cr.) -- choose from the following 3 tracks:

Music Education/Music History Emphasis

MUSC varies Seminar in Music History
(seminars MUSC 507, 512, 513,
516, 517, 518 offered on rotating basis)
MUSC 502N Music Educators/Music Therapists and the Special Learner 3
MUSC 527 History and Philosophy of Music Ed 3

Vocal Emphasis

MUSC 530 Choral Arranging 3
MUSC 531 Choral Literature and Conducting 3
MUSC 545 Seminar in Vocal Pedagogy I 3
MUSC 546 Seminar in Vocal Pedagogy II 3
MUSC 537C Ensemble Participation varies

Instrumental Emphasis

MUSC 520 Instrumental Literature and Conducting 3
MUSC 526 Care and Repair of Instruments 3
MUSC 536 Instrumental Arranging 3
MUSC varies Applied Music
(two semesters ensemble participation required)
MUSC 537A, 537B,
537D, or 537E 
Ensemble Participation varies

Required Capstone for the MA degree in Music Education:
Degree candidates choose one professional contribution option:

MUSC 555T Master's Thesis 3
MUSC 555R Lecture/Recital 0
MUSC 555W Professional Contribution: Workshop 0