Business: Marketing

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Marketing majors are exposed to the ever-changing, multifaceted world of marketing. Upon graduation, students are prepared for opportunities in a wide array of marketing, management, and retail positions.

Marketing Program and Core Curriculum Checklist

Why Study Marketing?

Marketing is an integral part of our lives. We are involved with it in almost all of our daily activities – for example, why do we buy Starbucks or Colgate, etc.? Usually because the product has been marketed to us effectively ... and, of course, it "delivers" a product that we like to consume. Similarly, we market services such Colleges and Universities, Gyms, and Restaurants. We even market ideas - consider political campaigns and the manner in which candidates market ideas. Finally, we study marketing because we market ourselves every day in all of our daily life situations – whether sitting in a classroom or interviewing for a job... it is all about Marketing... Marketing is everywhere!

Why Marywood?

Marywood offers a BBS degree with a major in Marketing. We have a well-rounded curriculum of both marketing theory and the technical aspects of marketing used today. Classes are a reasonable size, students enjoy working on projects in "marketing teams" – as they often would in the workplace, and overall the experience is intended to be hands-on and practical. Experts from the field speak in our classes and cases are taken from the "real world" of work and from examples in current publications both mainstream and scholarly.

Marywood is a "student-centered" university where every effort is made to know each student. Marywood lives its mission statement and its core values which include: Catholic Identity, Respect for Each Individual, Empowerment, a Service Orientation and Striving for Excellence. As we live out these core values in the classroom, we instill in our students a respect for ethical leadership and corporate social responsibility.

Internships & Job Placement

Students have the opportunity to intern in a variety of local venues. This experience often leads to a job offer upon graduation. Marywood's Career Services competently assists students with their job search. Our favorable placement statistics are indicators of the value of a good education and a strong Career Services unit.