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Ross Novak

Dean of Students

Supporting Your Student Through the Conduct Process

As a parent, you may be one of the first people that your student calls if he/she receives an email about possible conduct allegations. The following information can help you as you support your student through the conduct process.

The Facts and Nothing but the Facts

While we recognize that you want to support your student, we ask that you provide that support unconditionally, but not blindly. Be aware that your student may not tell you all of the details of a situation.

The Conduct Process

Understand that there is a process in place to hear every side of the story. Review this website to learn more about the conduct process, and encourage your student to do the same.

Student Confidentiality

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and University policies prohibit staff from discussing your student's academic and conduct record without his/her written permission. We can answer questions about the process, but we cannot provide specific details about a case without a waiver from your student. If your student has questions, direct him or her to contact us for more information.

The 24-Hour Rule

Practice the "24-Hour Rule." When you receive a phone call or e-mail from your student because he or she is upset about a conduct issue, you may be tempted to try to immediately fix the problem for them. Instead, allow 24 hours to inform, guide, teach, and observe.