Resident Manual: Room Care

Residence Life

Residents are responsible for the care and upkeep of their individual rooms. Below are important things to keep in mind, in order to ensure that your room and the safety of you and your community are not compromised.

  • Room Decorating: Personalizing your living space is an important part of making your room your home, but understand that you may not make any permanent alterations to the walls, windows, floors, ceilings, and/or doors in Residence Hall rooms or common areas (i.e. painting, removing furniture, etc.). Pictures, posters, and other materials may be hung but students are responsible for any damage that occurs, including if the damage occurs as a result of negligence. Similarly, decorations visible from the outside of the room (i.e. through windows or on doors) may not be lewd, offensive, or reference alcohol or other drug use. 
  • Alcohol, alcohol containers, and drug paraphernalia are not permitted and will be considered as support for an alcohol or drug policy violation occurring. Alcohol containers may include: empty cans, empty bottles (including non-labeled bottles which contained alcohol), flasks, funnels and tubing, and alcohol-branded cardboard containers used to transport alcohol.
  • Bathrooms: Community bathrooms are cleaned by the housekeeping staff. All other bathrooms need to be thoroughly cleaned by students and will be inspected regularly by housekeeping staff.
  • Damage and Vandalism: As a member of a community, residents share individual and collective responsibility. Residents are expected to notify the Residence Life staff immediately if they encounter individuals damaging, stealing, and/or vandalizing residence facilities and properties. Students may be held accountable for damages which occur as a result of accidents, neglect, or intentionality.
  • Individual Billing: Each resident will be held accountable for damages, thefts, or vandalism for which they are personally responsible and will be billed accordingly.
  • Community Billing In the event that individual(s) do not take responsibility for damages, the repair/replacement costs, thefts, or vandalism on a specific floor will be prorated among all residents residing with access to the affected area(s). This amount will be billed to the students' University account.
  • Common areas include, but are not limited to: shared kitchens, television lounges, computer lounges, laundry rooms, study rooms, bathrooms, hallways, lobbies, and outside porches. Note: Housing and Residence Life staff reserves the right to close all common areas due to vandalism, misuse, or reserved events without notice.



The Housekeeping staff provides cleaning services in common areas (i.e. lounges, hallways, common bathrooms, etc.). The Maintenance staff provides routine repairs to items as needed. Any maintenance and/or housekeeping requests can be submitted online. Normal hours of operation for the Physical Plant Maintenance are 7:00am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday. The maintenance building is staffed for emergencies 24 hours/day and on all holidays. If you need immediate assistance after hours please call the garage at (570)348-6218 option 9, (extension 2416 from a campus phone) or Campus Safety at (570) 348-6242.