Resident Manual: Important Procedures

Residence Life

Room Change Period

Room changes may occur after the second week of each semester. If you are requesting a room change during the room change period, you will need to:

  • Discuss the change with roommate(s) and any other residents involved, as well as with your Resident Assistant;
  • Complete a Room Change Request Form, available from Housing and Residence Life, and return it to your Residence Director;
  • Once the move is approved, make an appointment with a Resident Assistant to properly check you out of your current room and into your new room. Proper checkout includes removing all personal belongings, reviewing the Room Condition Form, and returning any keys to Housing and Residence Life staff;
  • Your move into your new room must be completed within 48 hours.
  • Any unauthorized room changes may be referred as disciplinary charges to the University judicial/conduct conduct system.
  • Room changes requested after the room change period may be approved on a case-by-case basis. A supervised mediation may be required between roommates before a room change is granted (see below). Students should contact his or her Resident Assistant or Residence Director to initiate this process.

Roommate Conflict Protocol

Occasionally, roommates face conflicts and when these conflicts are unable to be resolved solely between students, the Housing and Residence Life staff is available for mediation and support. If a conflict cannot be resolved between students, the students are encouraged to speak to their Resident Assistant. The Resident Assistant may then facilitate a mediation session with all involved parties. The goal of mediation is for the involved parties to discuss their concerns and determine the best course of action. In many cases, students participating in this neutral communication setting are able to make compromises and resolve concerns. If not, then the Residence Director may become involved to determine whether room changes are appropriate.

In cases where it is determined that the paired roommates cannot continue to share the same room, Housing and Residence Life staff does not typically designate who will move. Sometimes, this means that all people involved in the situation will relocate.


Room Consolidation

Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to consolidate students who have an open/available space in their assigned living spaces. Failure to comply with the consolidation policy will result in judicial/conduct conduct action and/or additional housing fees.

Summer Housing

All students who are registered for summer classes and wish to remain on campus will be required to take a full room and board plan, regardless of the building in which students are assigned to live.  Students interested in Summer Housing should complete the online Summer Housing form.