Faculty Funding

Source For Eligibility Award Type Amount
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Faculty Fellowship
American Academy of Audiology Faculty New Investigator Research Up to $10,000
American Association for the Advancement of Science Faculty Ph.D. or equivalent degree in social, physical or biological sciences or engineer with Master's degree & 3 years of experience Fellowships: Congressional, Dipomacy, Global Security, Global Stewardship, AAAS/NSF, Risk Policy, Defense Policy, Enviromental, Homeland Security Various
American Cancer Society Faculty Any stage of career Psychosocial & Behavioral Research up to $500,000 + 25% indirect costs
American Cancer Society Faculty Beginning Investigators Research up to $250,000 + 25% indirect costs
American Speech- Language- Hearing Foundation Faculty New Investigator Research
Army Research Laboratory Faculty Postdoctoral Fellowships $48,000-$57,000 + insurance, travel and relocation allowance
Earthwatch Institute Faculty Post-doctoral researchers or researchers with equivalent scholarship or commensurate life experience Grants Grants on per capita basis - range of $16,000 to $48,000 for one full season
Geriatric Social Work Initiative Faculty Post-Docs, Faculty & Researchers Grants and Awards
Helen Hay Whitney Foundation Faculty Postdoctoral 3 year fellowship $33,000 - $37,000 + travel + $2,000 for fellow's laboratory
James McKeen Cattell Fund Faculty Tenured Faculty or non-tenured associate professors in a tenure-track position Supplemental Sabbatical Allowance up to $32,000
Life Sciences Research Foundation (LSRF) Faculty Postdoctoral Fellowship $40,000/yr for 3 years
National Institute of Aging (NIA) Faculty Mentored Quantitative Research career Development Award (K25) Mid-Assistant Professor level Research in biomedical or behavioral sciences 3-5 yrs salary support + research expenses
National Institute of Aging (NIA) Faculty Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Development (K23) Training aspiring "clinician-scientists" to become independent researchers limit of $25,000
National Institute of Aging (NIA) Faculty Mentored Clinical Scientist Development (K08) Research for "aspiring clinician-scientists" to acquire training and experience
National Institute of Aging (NIA) Faculty Independent Scientist (K02) Research
Naval Research Laboratory Faculty Postdoctoral Fellowship Up to $65,000 + insurance, travel & relocation allowance
Office of Naval Research Faculty Ph.D. Faculty & Researchers Summer Faculty Research & Sabbatical Leave Programs $1,400-$1,900 per week + travel/relocation
United Negro College Fund (UNCF) & Merck Faculty African-American Postdoctoral Research Scientists Fellowship $55,000 + $15,000 to host department