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Prior to Applying

Before you submit your application to graduate, make sure you have met with your advisor to make certain all degree requirements have been or will be met, prior to graduation.

How to Apply

Eligible students can apply for graduation using the Marywood Portal. Please ensure that the way your major(s) and minor(s) are listed on your application is correct. If there are any discrepancies or if you have any questions please contact Reneé Matillano via email at records@marywood.edu.

Below are the application windows for each graduation.

Graduation Fee

Please be aware that when you submit your graduation application, a fee of $275 will be added to your bill. This fee will immediately be reflected on your account. 

You must apply before the deadline for the graduation you plan to attend.


Application Opens

Application Deadline

January Graduation

March 30th

December 1st

May Graduation

October 28th

April 1st

August Graduation

February 10th

August 1st

Missed the window to apply? Please contact your Dean’s office. 

When selecting your graduation term on the application please remember: for January graduation, choose fall. For May graduation, choose spring. For August graduation, choose summer II.

Diploma Information

When filling out the Diploma Name field on the graduation application form, keep in mind that the requested name may only be some variation of the student's legal name listed on the official academic record. 

For example: Student John Adam Smith may request his diploma name as John A. Smith, John Adam Smith, or John Smith. 

If your legal name needs to be updated, you can submit a Change of Name form along with appropriate documentation.

Additional Information

  • It is the responsibility of the student to apply for graduation through the Marywood portal by the appropriate deadline.
  • If you applied to graduate in the past but did not graduate, you must meet with your academic advisor and reapply for graduation.
  • The University Commencement ceremony is held in May only. Information will be emailed to students who apply for May graduation, as well as students who graduated the previous August and January.
  • Students will not receive their diploma or transcript until all financial obligations have been met. 

Commencement Event Information

For information on the Commencement ceremony and surrounding events, please visit the Commencement Weekend web page.

*Please note that this page is updated in January with May Commencement information.


Reneé Matillano
Phone Number: (570) 340-6099
Email: records@marywood.edu