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University Grading System

A  =   4.00    
A-  =   3.67    
B+  =   3.33    
B  =   3.00    
B-  =   2.67    
C+  =   2.33    
C  =   2.00    
F  =   0.00    
F*  =   0.00   Stopped attending class and did not officially withdraw; failure to sresolve "I" or "X" grade.
AD  =   Audit    May be assigned only if student has previously registered to audit the course.
X  =   Temporary   Delay in reporting final grade.
I  =   Incomplete   Student must have presented a signed application to the faculty member. This status may be assigned only in case of serious illness or other emergency situation.
IP  =   In Progress
  GRADUATE LEVEL ONLY  The grade "IP" should be assigned when a student is working on a professional contribution numbered 555. THe grade "IP" may not be assigned to courses numbered 555 followed by a letter suffix. Faculty mentoring professional contributions should be aware that students are granted one calendar year to complete their work. The session in progress is designated by the second digit of the section number on the grade sheet. At the conclusion of one calendar year the student must have completed the professional contribution, either satisfactorily or unsatisfactorily, or must have been granted, in writing, a one session extension by the appropriate Dean.
W  =
  Withdrew officially
WP  =   Withdrew officially
  With passing grade.
WF  =
  Withdrew officially   With failing grade.
S  =
  Satisfactory   For Professional Contributions, seminars, practicums, and workshops.
U  =
  Unsatisfactory   For Professional Contributions, seminars, practicums, and workshops.


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