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Marywood Marketing

Marywood Marketing

Focused on Growth.  Driven by Results.

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Marywood University
2300 Adams Ave.
Scranton, PA 18509

(570) 340-6022

24/7 Contact Info

Juneann Greco, Public Relations Director
greco@marywood.edu / (570) 340-6044
Monday - Friday, 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 A.M.

All Other Hours:(570) 840-4980

Academic Experts

Our faculty, staff, and administrators
are available to provide their expertise
on a variety of topics.

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Marywood Marketing Is Here to Help!

It is important that our internal and external partners display a united front in all print and digital communications, providing a common foundation for marketing, reputation-building, recruitment, and fundraising efforts.

Collaboratively communicating the essence of the University will strengthen the desired perceptions of Marywood and position the University for growth.


Students First » Innovation Driven

We believe in the importance of Students First » Innovation Driven and hope you will embrace this philosophy too! 

Ready. Set. Strategy!

The Marywood Marketing team is ready to assist you in the most effective ways possible: strategic marketing consulting expertise, campus communications, public relations, content writing/proofing, graphic design, website, social/digital media, and advertising strategies that best fit your need.

Project Timelines

Timelines for larger projects that involve event planning, reworking of websites, information migration into the content management system, or the creation of other special marketing initiatives vary on a case-by-case basis and may require several months of discussion and planning.

Please provide as much information as possible to begin your advanced project discussion.

Campus Services

We collectively offer services such as design, writing/editing, and social media posting free of charge to academic departments and administrative offices, but you are responsible for the costs of mailing, printing, placement, and photography, if needed.

Forms & Links You May Need

Photography & Video

Marketing can assist you in booking photo/videographers for your needs. Costs can run $100/hr and up. 

Resources & Tips for Submitting Requests

  • Submit the details and intended use of your photos/video.  
  • Be sure to include an estimated budget for your project and budget number for expense delegation.
  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled shoot. If subjects do not appear and cancellation was not made 24 hours in advance, your department will be charged for the shoot.
  • Please allow at least one month’s notice for most requests. Note: Weekend and Wedding months book up extremely fast and may require up to up to six months to secure quality booking.
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Creative Services

Graphic Design, Content Strategy/Development, Editing, and Proofreading

Send us the content you’ve crafted, and we’ll work hand-in-hand to develop, refine, and distribute your project effectively.

Resources & Tips for Submitting Requests

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Event Marketing

Resources & Tips for Submitting Requests

  • Please include as much information as possible regarding your event timeline, items needed, and preliminary concepts when you submit your event.
  •  Always spell check and double check any dates and times.  
  • Use the attachment section to include high-quality graphics, references, or word docs.
  • Promote internal events with 25Live and This Week
  • Please allow 1-6 months’ notice so we can properly plan your event.

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Marywood News and Publicity

Resources & Tips for Submitting Requests

  • Read the Latest News
  • Please include a written summary of your feature, and we will revise for best use when you submit your story. 
  • Always spell check and double check any dates and times.  
  • Use the attachment section to include high-quality graphics, references, or word docs.
  • Please allow three weeks’ notice so we can properly plan your publicity. Note: Stories will be posted to appropriate web/social channels as identified by Marketing.

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Website: Marywood.edu

Our website is the #1 source of info for prospective students!
With 100+ content editors, 100,000+ pages, thousands of pieces of content, staff updates, etc. maintenance updates are critical.

 1. Identify the issue/update on webpage(s) by acting as or notifying the Assigned Website Contributor/Editor.
 2. The Assigned Webpage Contributor/Editor verifies and completes necessary updates.
 3. If an Assigned Website Contributor/Editor is unable to complete necessary updates, submit a request.

Check if you're a content editor or who to notify »
Learn more about becoming a Content Contributor/Editor »

Resources & Tips for Submitting Requests

  • Use the attachment section to include approved copy, high-quality graphics, references, word docs etc. for your updates.
  • Please allow at least two weeks’ notice for requested updates or assistance. Same-day service for updates can not be guaranteed.
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Social and Digital Media

Marketing manages and directs the content for the University's main social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, SnapChat and other digital media methods.

Resources & Tips for Submitting Requests

  • Same-day service for updates will not be guaranteed.
  • When submitting a request, please include a written summary of your content updates or copy, and we will revise for best digital use.
  • Departments and student clubs/organizations with their own social media sites are governed by the University’s Social Media Policy
  • Editorial Guide
  • Please allow at least one week’s notice for requested posts so that conflicts with other posts and messages may be avoided.
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Passion + Purpose from Day One

Marywood empowers students to discover their passion and realize their purpose.

Think of a place where you feel engaged and inspired from Day One.
A community that empowers you, because we respect you as an individual.
A campus at the crossroads of passion and purpose.
Visualize it.
Because it’s real, and it’s waiting for you.
Your talents. Your perspectives. Your dreams.
Your drive to make the world a better place.
You’ll help shape our culture.
While we help shape your future.
Our time is now.

Our Pillars

Engage from Day One
Join a Welcoming and Supportive Community
Discover Your Passion and Realize Your Purpose
Be in Demand

Brand Standards

Brand assets are accessible to faculty and staff with a valid University email account.

For external permission or questions on using official Marywood University marks, contact Carrie Bowen Toomey, Art Director, at ctoomey@marywood.edu or (570) 348-6211 x2484.

Marywood University Brand Guidelines

Guide for the Marywood Brand »

Marywood University Athletics Guidelines

Guide for Marywood Athletic Marks »

Marywood University Athletics Resources

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