The panel representing hope is a picture of our Risen Lord. Resplendent and bright, our Saviour came forth from the closed grave and appeared to the Apostles who are grouped on either side in Galilee, with our Risen Lord in the center above them. The scene is the second stage of the Resurrection drama, the three women having conveyed the news of the resurrection to the Apostles who in apparent wonder and admiration gaze devoutly at their Risen Master. The picture has unusual grace and charm and is filled with dramatic character as well as expressive of hope in our own future resurrection, and our rising now from sin and sorrow to a new life of joy and gladness walking in the way of the disciples of Christ, in His glorious triumph and His victory over death.

The force and energy and feeling for splendor necessary to such a subject as this portrayal is a grandly impressive characteristic of this mural. While very vivid and colorful it is also cool and soothing as hope itself, and is as clear, deep and satisfying, as the contemplation of the subject which it depicts. The treatment of landscape, light, and atmosphere play no small part in the achievement of these effects, and the general harmony of intention and execution give direct pleasure to the eye, and act like music on the mood, stimulating hope in the thought and memory of a now familiar and most beloved mystery.