Sustainability: Dining Services

project green thumb give a hand to save the land

Sustainable Dining

Marywood's dining services provider, Chartwells, is committed to protecting the environment, reducing waste, and supporting our local community through its Chartwells 360° program.

Project Green Thumb

Project Green Thumb encourages students to properly separate and dispose food leftovers and materials that can be recycled or composted. Marywood's dining services team leads by example by recycling cans, bottles, cardboard, and paper.

Trayless Dining

Marywood has removed trays from all of its dining locations to reduce food waste, promote healthier eating habits through portion control, and eliminate the water, chemicals, and energy used to wash trays.

No Straw Campaign

You won't find any straws in our Nazareth Dining Hall, thanks to our recent No Straw Campaign. As a result, we send less waste to landfills.

Project Clean Plate

Marywood's dining services team periodically collects and weighs food waste in our Nazareth Dining Hall. The results are then posted in the dining hall to show students just how much food is thrown out every day. If there's a significant drop in food waste as a result, Chartwells makes a donation to local food pantries.

Local Flavor

Whenever possible, we purchase fresh food, like seasonal fruits and vegetables, from local producers. That way, we're not only supporting our local community, but also reducing our carbon footprint.

Trim Trax

The dining services team at Marywood uses a waste reduction program called Trim Trax to track, measure, and reduce the amount of kitchen food waste in our dining facilities. Food and paper waste from kitchens is separated and measured, and the results are reviewed by the closing manager.