Sustainability: Bookstore

Sustainable Partners

Marywood is committed to sustainability, and we demand that our partners are, too. Our bookstore is managed by Follett Higher Education Group, which, like Marywood, is committed to reducing its environmental impact in meaningful ways.


When our bookstore was remodeled in 2012, a variety of sustainabile materials were used, including:

  • Carpet backing made from recycled soda bottles
  • Fixtures made from wheat straw (a natural reclaimed resource) and a safe polyurethane resin (an alternative to harmful formaldehyde)
  • Energy efficient lights

Used Textbooks and E-books

By selling used textbooks and buying them back at the end of the semester, our bookstore reduces the amount of natural resources used to create them. And by selling e-books as an alternative to printed texts, we conserve even more resources.

Learn More about Follett's Green Initiatives