Financial Aid: Receiving Aid

Steps to Receiving Aid

Step 1: Receive Your Financial Aid Award Packet

Freshmen who filed by the preferred FAFSA filing date can expect to receive their financial aid award packets in the mail by mid to late March. After the preferred filing date, award packets are issued within two to three weeks upon receipt of the FAFSA.

Continuing students are notified of their financial aid award packages via their Marywood University email account. Financial aid awards for continuing students are typically available after the completion of the spring semester each year. Check your Marywood Student Portal for award information.

Step 2: Read the Materials of Your Award Letter

Be sure to read the materials accompanying your award letter for conditions and responsibilities. Verify that the award assumptions are based on correct information.

Changes to your enrollment status, housing plans or other changes may result in changes to your award.  

If any of the assumptions are incorrect, you must notify the Financial Aid Office via email at

Step 3: Complete the Outside Scholarship Nomination Form (if applicable)

Notify the Financial Aid Office if you will receive other additional assistance and/or scholarships via the instructions on the Outside Scholarship Notification Form.  Other assistance such as, but not limited to, outside scholarships, Vocational Rehabilitation Assistance, Personnel Tuition Benefits,  employer tuition reimbursement, and Leadership Awards for Resident Advisors should be reported via the instructions on the Outside Scholarship Notification Form.

Step 4: Notify the Financial Aid Office if You Wish to Deny or Reduce Your Loans

Marywood University awards Federal Direct Loans under the “passive confirmation process,” meaning that we assume students want their Federal Direct Loan as packaged unless we are otherwise notified. 

Students who wish to deny or reduce their loans must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing or by sending an email to  If sending an email, please put “Cancel/Reduce My Loan” in the subject heading and in the body of your email include your full name,  Marywood University student ID and which loan you wish to cancel or reduce – the Unsubsidized Loan, Subsidized Loan or both.

Step 5: Complete Entrance Loan Counseling 

If this is your first time borrowing a Federal Direct Loan, you must complete Entrance Loan Counseling before your loan funds can be disbursed to you.  Entrance Loan Counseling is available at  First time Perkins Loan borrowers will receive an email from the Cashier’s Office with instructions.

Step 6: Complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) for Loans You Choose to Borrow

Complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) for any loans you choose to borrow. First-time borrowers of a Federal Direct loan must complete the MPN online at  

Step 7: Send Scholarship Checks to Financial Aid

Send scholarship checks to the Financial Aid Office or Cashier’s Office at Marywood.  All outside scholarship checks should be made payable to Marywood University for proper credit toward your University charges. All scholarship checks will be equally divided between the fall and spring semesters unless otherwise requested or indicated as a single semester disbursement.

To ensure proper and timely credit of your scholarship, you should communicate the Important Information for Student and Scholarship Donor (reverse side of the Outside Scholarship Notification Form) to your scholarship donor(s).