Faculty Handbook - Policy

Commencement and Academic Convocations Committee Policy

Policy Statement

The President of the University has final approval authority over the selection of speakers for Commencement ceremonies and University convocations.  The Commencement speaker is usually

  • a person of national or international prominence, who has made a distinguished contribution in a chosen field usually related to the mission of Marywood University.
  • a person who is a role model for students and other members of the Marywood community.

A Commencement or convocation speaker may or may not be the recipient of an honorary degree.


The ordinary channel to the President of the University for Commencement and convocations speakers is through the Commencement and Academic Convocations Committee.

  • Any individual or group in the Marywood community may submit the name of a person at any time to the Commencement and Academic Convocations Committee or directly to the President of the University. The nomination consists of the name, address, other contact information, and a written statement setting forth the reasons why Marywood University should consider inviting the person to speak at Marywood.
  • The President of the University or her delegate will collect biographical information about the potential speakers at an appropriate time.
  • The individual is not to be consulted beforehand, nor at any time prior to the President's formal announcement that an offer to come to Marywood as a speaker has been accepted.
  • The Chair of the committee submits a list of recommended speakers to the President at least one full year in advance of the ceremony for which the potential speakers are recommended.
  • Confidentiality is expected during the process.  All deliberations, investigations, and recommendations relating to process will be treated as strictly confidential by all persons involved.

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Revision approved by the President of the University 2009; 10/26/17
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