Faculty Handbook - Policy

Self-study of Programs and Student Services

Policy Statement

Marywood University is committed to continuous, systematic self-study of its academic programs as a means of attaining excellence.  The self-study process includes a review of all of the components of an academic program:  philosophy, curriculum, faculty, and students, as well as support services and other resources needed for its successful operation and future development.  The review cycle for program review is based on a five-year period.

Administrators, faculty and staff participate in this process, which is linked to the University's institutional planning and budgeting.  General institutional guidelines for this process are developed by faculty and administrators; however, each college and department will be able to devise components suitable to its mission, level of education, and academic discipline.  The deans with appropriate committees are responsible for designing, implementing and monitoring these component parts of the self-study.

Academic programs that, for accreditation purposes, develop self-study documents for external organizations are allowed to submit these documents for review; however, some additional material may be required to meet the University's self-study requirements.

Self-study documents are also prepared for the principal areas of student services: Admissions, the Registrar's area, Library and Instructional Technology Services, Advisement, and Academic Computing Services.

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