Faculty Handbook - Policy

Search Committee Procedures and Affirmative Action

Policy Statement

Search committees will be convened for the following positions: full-time faculty, executive officers, deans, administrative directors as authorized by the appropriate vice president.

Other searches will be conducted by the department head unless otherwise approved in writing by the appropriate vice president.


The department head/chair of each search committee must contact the Affirmative Action Officer to set up a meeting as soon as approval is granted for an open position to be filled.

Initial Meeting

  • For faculty positions, the Affirmative Action Office provides department head/chair with data collection forms that are to be sent to all candidates. Completed forms will be returned to the Affirmative Action Office.
  • For all other positions, candidates who complete applications through the Human Resources Department will receive a data collection form to complete.
  • Posting is reviewed for compliance.
  • Interview questions are reviewed by the Affirmative Action Officer for compliance with legal requirements.
  • Documentation requirements are reviewed.
  • Advertising is reviewed.
  • The Affirmative Action Office will provide relevant statistics re male or female and minority or non-minority incumbents.

On-going Process

  • Data collection forms are returned by candidates to the Affirmative Action Office and tallied.
  • Department head/chair will contact the Affirmative Action Office before interviews are set.
  • The Affirmative Action Office will indicate if there are known minorities or females in the interview pool.
  • Process will continue if targeted groups are in pool, or department head/chair will be advised to continue searching if not.
  • The Affirmative Action Office will be available for consultation throughout the search.
  • Interview notes will be made during the process, and will be sent to the Affirmative Action Office for filing once the process is complete.

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