Faculty Handbook - Policy

Commencement Walking Policy

Policy Statement

Students who are not eligible to graduate may request permission from the Provost to participate in the University Commencement Ceremony if they have successfully completed all but six (6) credit hours of coursework as well as all other University and degree graduation requirements.  The uncompleted six (6) credit hours cannot include a Professional Contribution, thesis, or doctoral project. Students must first seek approval from the Department Chair and Dean who will verify that the student is in good academic standing. If appropriate, the Department Chair and Dean will then forward the verification to the Provost for final approval.

The Provost also has the authority to grant exceptions for categories or groups of students.


This policy will be effective for the 2017 Commencement ceremony.


Students can initiate the process by completing the Commencement Walking Form and submitting initially to the Chair of the Department.



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