Policy Statement

The following applies to new full-time faculty members, administrative officers, administrative directors, and others approved by the appropriate vice president or the President of the University. The amount determined by the University as appropriate for moving expenses will be based on the following formula:

Initial Contract Salary  x  .07  x  Distance Multiplier  =  Relocation Allowance

Distance Multiplier Table

(from the University)

36 miles to 500 miles

501 miles to 1,000 miles 1.2
1,001 miles to 1,500 miles 1.4
1,501 miles to 2,000 miles 1.6
2,001 miles to 2,500 miles 1.8
2,501 miles to 3,000 miles   2.0
over 3,000 miles  2.2

If the newly hired employee wishes to appeal that this amount is not appropriate in a particular case, this must be done prior to relocation and the appeal must be granted, in writing, by both the divisional vice president and the business affairs vice president in order to guarantee payment.


The University will pay the newly hired employee the full amount for moving expenses as determined by the above referenced formula no later than thirty days from the first day of employment.  The payment for moving expenses is subject to applicable withholding taxes.

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04/25/12 Revision approved by the President of the University
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