Policy Statement

Marywood University will make available to full-time employees a loan equal to 75% of the purchase price of a personal computer, additional hardware, or software. The following conditions apply:

  1. A loan may not exceed $2,000.
  2. A request for an additional loan may be honored, provided the prior one has been repaid.
  3. The employee is responsible for placing the order with the vendor. Upon receiving evidence of the order showing the amount due, the University will issue a check made payable to the vendor. The employee may hand deliver the check
  4. A loan is interest-free. It is payable in up to 78 equal installments through payroll deduction.  In the event of termination of employment, the amount owed will be deducted from the final payroll check.  If the final payroll check will not be enough, the entire balance is due by the last date of employment.
  5. Marywood University is not responsible for maintaining the items purchased or for training employees to use them.
  6. Insurance is not provided by the University for purchased items.

This offer may be rescinded at any time by the President.


Director of OIT Budgets
Immaculata Hall
Phone: Extension 2391

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04/25/12 - Revision approved by the President of the University
Review the full history in the Policy and Proceedures site