Education: Spanish K-12 Certification

Do you have an intense passion for Spanish language and culture? Have you ever thought about sharing this passion with others?

If so, Marywood's Spanish certification program sounds like a perfect fit for you! Marywood's reputation for producing outstanding Spanish teachers is recognized throughout the Northeast. Our graduates are leaders in foreign language pedagogy. Guided by the National Standards of the American Council of the Teachers of Foreign Language, our students are prepared in a variety of traditional and cutting-edge methodologies and technology.

Our curriculum is rich in the areas of civilization, literature, film, and fine arts and is reinforced with cultural events outside the classroom, including opportunities for study abroad. Our conversation and language courses challenge both native and non-native students to attain an ever deepening understanding of the Spanish worlds.

Required Spanish Courses

The major in Spanish requires 33 credit hours. (PREREQUISITE coursework in Elementary Spanish is required for those who have not studied Spanish previously.)

SPAN 211 Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPAN 212 Intermediate Spanish II 3
SPAN 223 Spanish for Reading and Review 3
SPAN 275* Conversation Spanish 3
SPAN 280 Contemporary Cultural Trends in Spanish-Speaking Films 3
SPAN 300* Intensive Grammar Review 3
SPAN 302 & 303 Introduction to Literature 3,3
SPAN 310 Contemporary Hispanic Issues 3
SPAN 325* Latin America Culture and Civilization 3
SPAN 330* Advanced Spanish Composition and Conversation 3
SPAN 333* Spanish Civilization 3
SPAN 350 The Latino Condition in the U.S. 3
ENGL 400*
Structure of Linguistics 3
SPAN 411B* Curriculum Methods for Modern Foreign Languages 3

*Required course

The preparation of foreign language teachers is the joint responsibility of the faculty in foreign languages and education.

Professional Education Requirements

EDUC 000 Field Experience 0
EDUC 005D* Practicum 1
EDUC 102 Digital Technology/Communications in Education 3
PSYC 251 Developmental Psychology 3
EDUC 311* Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 411A* Effective Instruction in Secondary and K-12 Education 3
EDUC 414* Social Foundations 3
SPED 100 Characteristics of Students with Disabilities 3
SPED 300* Curriculum Adaptations (taken w/ student teaching) 3
SPED 367* Behavior and Classroom Management 3
EDUC 461* Methods, Materials and Assessment of ELL 3
EDUC 498B Special topics in Student Teaching (Taken w/ student teaching) 1
EDUC 442 Student Teaching 8

Requires upper-level screening