Education: Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Course of Study

(70.5 credits)

EDUC 000 Field Experience 0
EDUC 004A ECE Field Experience I & II (taken w/ EDUC 300 & 301) .5/.5
EDUC 100 Introduction to Education (requires field placement) 1
PSYC 214 Child Psychology (prerequisite to EDUC 311) 3
EDUC 311 Educational Psychology 3
SPED 100 Characteristics of Students with Disabilities 3
SPED 300* Curriculum Adaptations (taken w/ Student teaching) 3
SPED 350 Assessment and Planning for Young Children 3
SPED 352 Diagnosis and Prescriptive Teaching 3
SPED 367* Behavior Management 3
SPED 400 Special Education Law 3
EDUC 108 Orientation to Early Childhood Education 3
EDUC 300 Early Childhood Curriculum I (w/ EDUC 004A) 3
EDUC 301 Early Childhood Curriculum II (w/ EDUC 004A) 3
EDUC 302* Child in the Family 3
EDUC 309F* Curriculum & Instruction: Math 3
EDUC 309G* Curriculum & Instruction: Science 3
EDUC 309H* Curriculum & Instruction: Social Studies 3
EDUC 309L Children's Literature 1.5
EDUC 309M* Curriculum & Instruction: Language and Literacy I 4
EDUC 309N* Curriculum & Instruction: Language and Literacy II 3
EDUC 005A* Practicum I 1
EDUC 005B* Practicum II 1
EDUC 420* Universal Design for Learning 3
EDUC 461* Material, Methods and Assessment of ELL 3
EDUC 498B Special Topics in Student Teaching (seminar) (taken w/ Stu Tch) 1
EDUC 442 Student Teaching 8

*Requires screening for formal admission

Additional Liberal Arts Requirements

(12 credits)

MATH 120 Mathematics in the Liberal Arts 3
MATH 130 Mathematics for Contemporary Society 3
BIOL 110/110L Biology 4
SSCI 201 Intro to Social Sciences 3
COMM 101 Dynamics of Speech 2

Option: Expand your Certificate to Include Grades 5 and 6

All candidates enrolled in an Early Childhood PreK-4 program and all Grades PreK-4 certificate holders may add Grades 5 and 6 to their certificate by attaining qualifying scores on the following assessments:

Test Code

Praxis Test Name

Qualifying Score


English Language Arts and Social Studies Subtest



Mathematics and Science Subtest


Candidates may take these assessments during or after completion of their PreK-4 program. However, the Pennsylvania Department of Education cannot grant the Grades 5 and 6 add-on certificate until after the PreK-4 certificate has been awarded.  To expedite the process, candidates may apply for the add-on simultaneously with their application for PreK-4 certification.