Education: Superintendent Letter of Eligibility

The Superintendent Letter of Eligibility will help you develop the administrative and interpersonal skills needed by practicing and future leaders in education. Courses and other learning experiences are deeply grounded in the principles of public and non-public school thought and practice.

The Superintendent Letter of Eligibility will endorse you for appointment as a district superintendent or an assistant superintendent.

Complete a minimum of 21 credits in the following:

EDUC 604 School, Community, Public Relations 3
EDUC 605 Communication Theory and Organizational Dynamics 3
EDUC 606 Labor Relations and Negotiations 3
EDUC 607 Business and Facilities Management 3
EDUC 617 School Leadership and Special Education 3
EDUC 608, 609 Field-Based Internship 6

Candidates must provide evidence of 6 years of teaching or other professionally-certificated service in basic education, 3 years of which shall have been in supervisory or administrative positions. Additionally, candidates must successfully complete Praxis test 6021 School Superintendent Assessment (SSA).