Education: Reading Specialist Certification

Teachers, are you passionate about literacy?
Do you have a desire to help those who have difficulty reading?

If so, our Reading Specialist Certification Program may be right for you. If you wish to concentrate in the field of reading but do not want to pursue a master's degree (or you already hold a master's degree), you may obtain a Reading Specialist Certification by completing the 24 credits of concentration courses in reading.


24 semester hours

R ED 524A Creative Teaching of Language Arts 4
R ED 526 Teaching Content Area Reading 3
R ED 530 Reading Disabilities and Diagnosis 3
R ED 533 Remedial Techniques 3
R ED 540 Practicum/Seminar in Reading 3
R ED 542 Organization of School Reading Programs 3
EDUC 511 Children’s Literature 2
R ED 546 Reading Specialist Internship 3

Program prerequisites: Initial PA teacher certification, PSYC 514, EDUC 523, SPED 507, SPED 511, SPED 539, EDUC 561

Subject Area Specializations

Full transfer credit will be awarded for courses in the following specializations based upon comparable prior credits earned.


The English as a Second Language (ESL) (PK-12) Endorsement is intended to improve a teacher's skills in this specialized area and can be added to existing Level I or Level II certificates.

The online Autism Spectrum Disorders (PK-12) Endorsement will help educators, school psychologists, counselors, and other professionals work more effectively with children and youth diagnosed with ASD.