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CSD Second Year Grad

Spring Semester

My current placement is at a nursing home. My supervisor is amazing and has taught me so much about he changes and challenges that life brings you (especially as you age). Seeing the joy someone gets when you walk into their room or the appreciation of just a simple touch has truly impacted me. Though there are some sad days, they are worth it!

- Emily

Instructional I Teacher Certification

CSD students interested in pursuing Teacher Certification will need to prepare to earn that additional certification, as Teacher Certification from the PA Department of Education (DOE) is a separate certification from the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence:

  • Students pursuing the additional Teacher Certification may need additional semesters to complete those requirements.
  • Students seeking Teacher Certification must meet with the CSD Graduate Program Director in conjunction with the Education Department Chairperson to complete a plan of study for this additional track.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.00 is required to add on the Teacher Certification portion of the degree.


Conceptual Framework for the Preparation of Other Professional School Personnel (Advanced Programs)

Advanced programs challenge faculty and candidates to be leaders in the educational community, integrate knowledge and action, be thoughtful consumers and producers of scholarship and research, be proactive instruments of change and innovative reflective practitioners committed to the development of student potential.  They are expected to communicate effectively with all constituents in response to ambiguity and diversity in a technological, global community. 

To prepare candidates in advanced certification programs to realize the vision presented in the conceptual framework, we seek to develop the following competencies:

  1. Develop skills to be a leader.
  2. Integrate knowledge and action.
  3. Produce scholarship and research.
  4. Be reflective practitioners.
  5. Communicate effectively.