1098-T Tax Information

The 1098-T Tuition Statements for tax reporting are available on the MarywoodYou portal.  Please follow these instructions:
  1.   Go to  the Marywood Portalwww.marywood.edu/you
  2.   Follow this path - Click on Student, Self Service Menu, Student, Student  Account Information, Self Service, then click on Tax Information
  3.   Consent to receive the form electronically.
  4.   You will then have access to your 1098-T statement

Note - The 1098T statements should be used, along with your own records, to substantiate the amount of tuition claimed on your tax returns for all years.  Refer to IRS Publication 970.  You can use the statements in the MarywoodYou portal to print and keep along with your records.  The amount that you have been charged and paid should not exceed what you have claimed on your tax returns for all years.  Retain these records to substantiate your claims if you are ever audited.