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Category Link Access
COLLEAGUE User Interface (UI) *Preferred -PRODUCTION 5.9 (New UI) On
*Preferred -APPSVC UI 5.10 (New UI) Refreshed - 3/19/2019 On
*Preferred -MIGRATE UI 5.10 (New UI) Refreshed - 12/5/2018 On
*Preferred -QPGMR UI 5.10 (New UI) Refreshed - 4/16/2019 On
*Preferred -SIM2 UI 5.10 (New UI) Refreshed - 8/15/2019 On
*Old -PRODUCTION 4.5 (Must Use I.E) On
*Old -APPSVC 4.5 (Must use I.E.) Refreshed - 3/19/2019 On
*Old -MIGRATE 4.5 (Must Use I.E) Refreshed - 12/5/2018 On
*Old -QPGMR 4.5 (Must Use I.E) Refreshed - 4/16/2019 On
*Old -SIM2 4.5 (Must Use I.E) Refreshed - 8/15/2019 On
Reporting Marywood Report Server On
SAP Business Intelligence 4.1 (InfoView/Production) On
SAP Business Intelligence 4.1 Central Management Console On
TimeClock Plus TimeClock Plus (Employees) Both
TimeClock Plus (Supervisors) Both
HelpDesk Webhelpdesk (Help Desk) On
TouchNet U.Commerce Central PRODUCTION Both
Bill Payment Student Account Center Both
Community Forum Both
U.Commerce Central TEST Both
Official Payments Sites iPayVirtual Admissions Deposits LIVE Both
iPayVirtual Admissions Deposits TEST Both
iPayVirtual Parking LIVE Both
iPayVirtual Parking Registration TEST Both
OPC Payment Plan- LIVE Both
Parking Registration Form Both
Client Connect LIVE Both
Client Connect TEST Both
Slate Slate Console
Slate Application
Recruit Recruit Cloud Console 5.2 (Production) Both
Recruit Cloud WFE 5.2 (Production) Both
Exact Target Documentation Both
Recruit Cloud Console (5.2 TEST) Both
Recruit Cloud WFE (5.2 TEST) Both
Self Service Self Service Test 2.23 (QPGMR) 3/15/2019 On
Self Service Test 2.23 (MIGRATE) 3/18/2019 On
Self Service Test 2.23 (SIM2) 3/18/2019 On
Self Service 2.23 (Production) 4/17/2019 Both
Portal Portal Production (MarywoodYou) Both
** Portal Test (MIGRATE) DO NOT USE ** On
WebAdvisor Search for Sections (Production) Both
SIM2 (Requires Login) On
MIGRATE (Requires Login) On
Production (Requires Login) On
QPGMR (Requires Login) On
Lumens Lumens Staging Site Both
Lumens Production Both
USAEpay Both
Elavon Elavon - Payments Insider Both
Freedom Pay Freedom Pay Enterprise URL Both
Imaging Marywood WebNow (Document Imaging) On
Ellucian Ellucian Client Site Registration Both
Ellucian Client Site Both
CollegeNet SaaS CollegeNet Customer Care Website Both
CollegeNet 25Live Both
CollegeNet Technical Specifications for R25 and 25Live Both
CollegeNet 25Live Portal Both
25Live Both
25Live TEST Both
25Live Configuration Utility Both
25Live Configuration Utility TEST Both
25Live Administration Utility Both
25Live Administration Utility TEST Both
Series25 WebServices Both
Series25 WebServices TEST Both
Other University Tickets Both
Moodle Moodle Production (Production) Both
Google Mail Gmail Both
e2campus Alert System E2Campus Both
Library LibCat Library Catalog Both
LIbrary EbscoHost Both
Web Development Services Both