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Protect & Serve Sooner: Earn Your Bachelor's & Master's Degrees in Criminal Justice in Just Five Years

A special Marywood feature is the optional five-year Bachelor's to Master's Degree program in Criminal Justice offered to qualified Marywood undergraduates.

This permits students to complete their Master's Degree in only one year, following completion of Marywood's four-year Bachelor's program. No GRE required. The 30-credit graduate Master's degree program provides a strong background in criminal justice coupled with the skills required for a management position. The curriculum draws on a faculty with strong academic credentials and substantial experience working in criminal justice agencies.

The field of criminal justice has evolved. Now, more than ever, it is crucial for people interested in a career in Criminal Justice to have proper education and training. A master’s degree in Criminal Justice gives you options!

  • Rise in the ranks to a management position
  • Follow our bilingual track to make yourself an attractive candidate to the FBI
  • Go into Forensic Accounting by combining your degree with a minor in business
  • Make more money!