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Be in Demand and in the Classroom in Just Five Years!

Marywood offers an exceptional program where students can earn both their bachelor's and master's degrees in education in as few as five years, with multiple certifications in the areas of Grades PreK-4 and PreK-8. Successful students will have flexibility in choosing career opportunities and will be prepared to accept a teaching assignment in a regular early education or elementary education placement. 

Marywood University's five-year program in the School of Education ultimately saves students time and expenses by offering more coursework, fieldwork, and experience in a shorter amount of time, with no GRE required to enroll. Students easily transition from the undergraduate phase of study to the graduate phase, given that they maintain the appropriate grade point average and stay on track with courses.

At Marywood, you'll begin field experience in local schools during your first year of study, have the opportunity to learn in first-rate facilities, find supportive faculty who are dedicated to your development as a teacher⁠—and benefit from a program whose graduates are actively recruited.

  • Practicum, field experience, and student teaching opportunities
  • Emphasis on service learning
  • Earn both bachelor's and master's degrees in as few as five years