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The Faculty of Marywood University consists of full-time, part-time, and special appointment members.  Appointments to the Faculty are made by the President of the University.  Promotion and/or tenure are granted to full-time faculty members by the President of the University in accord with the requirements of the policies of the University.

The Faculty of Marywood University are dedicated professionals who have an important role in providing intellectual leadership.  They are committed to the service of the University, their disciplines, and others.  While the teaching role of the faculty is primary, they devote time and energy to a variety of activities.  They serve on committees and contribute their talent to strategic planning, research, grant writing, and recruitment.

Scope of the Handbook

It would be impossible to capture in detail in one handbook all of the many issues that affect faculty.  The Faculty Handbook is intended to be one of several sources of general guidance.  It brings together brief descriptions of the privileges and obligations that are most central to membership on the faculty of Marywood University and selected other information of special interest. 

Nothing contained in the Faculty Handbook negates the right of the University to augment, repeal, or revise its policies at any time.  Policy changes require the approval of the President of the University and, when required, the Board of Trustees.  Changes become effective with formal approval and placement in the Marywood University Policies and Procedures Manual.


The Faculty Handbook is maintained by the Secretary of the University, who is responsible for updating and editing it.  This assumes the authority to make non-substantive changes that improve the precision of its language, and substantive changes that are necessary to conform to applicable laws.  To the extent that modification and revision of Faculty Policies and Practices constitute other substantive changes, the Faculty Senate will be consulted in the interest of collegiality.