Business Affairs

Access to Personnel

Accident, Death, and Dismemberment Insurance Policy

Additional Contracted Work Policy for Staff

Asset Capitalization Policy

Attendance Policy for Nonexempt Employees

California Privacy Notice Policy

Campus Emergency Notification

Compensation Policy for Administrators and Staff

Compensation Policy for Faculty

Complaint Procedures for Administrators and Staff

Deadly Weapons and Fireworks

Debt Collection Policy

Dental Insurance

Drug-Free Workplace Policy 

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) in University Housing Policy

Employee Training

Employment At-will Relationship with Administrators and Staff

Employment Benefits Eligibility

Employment Status for Administrative and Staff Positions

Entertainment of University Guests and Employees

Excused Absences and Special Circumstances

Family and Medical Leave

Financial Responsibility of Students

Flexible Benefits

Fricchione Early Learning Center Benefit Policy

Gift Giving and Remembrances

Group Term Life Insurance

Health Insurance Continuation Coverage 

Health Plans

HIPAA Privacy Practices

Institutional Property Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

Interruption of Faculty Service

Introductory Period of Employment for Administrators and Staff

Investment Policies, Objectives, and Procedures

Involuntary Leave of Absence for Students Policy

Job Posting for Administrative and Staff Positions

Job-Protected Medical Leave for Faculty

Leave Donation Bank

Leave of Absence for Personal Reasons

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Meetings of Learned Societies Attended by Faculty Members

Mileage Reimbursement

Moving Expenses for New Hires Policy

Nepotism Policy

Non-Credit Courses


Performance Development Program for Administrators and Staff

Personal Charges

Personal Days

Printing Services

Reasonable Accommodation for University Housing

Retirement Plan 

Retirement Policy

Retreat Days

Sabbaticals for Administrators and Professional Staff

Short-term Disability of Faculty Member

Short-term Disability of Policy for Administrators and Staff

Sick Leave Policy

Sister Theresa Maxis Medal

Social Security and Medicare

Staff Senate of Marywood University Bylaws

Staff Senate of Marywood University Policy

Tax Exempt Bonds Compliance and Continuing Disclosure Compliance Programs

Training for Faculty Teaching Online or Hybrid Courses Policy

Transferring to Different Position Request Form

Transportation of Students and Employees

Travel and Business Expenses

Unemployment Compensation

Vacation for Administrators and Staff Policy

Violent Acts and Threats

Voluntary Insurance

Voluntary Short-term Disability Insurance

Workers’ Compensation

Years of Service Awards