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A close-up image of Marywood's flight simulator

Flight Simulator

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Experience How it Feels to Soar in Marywood's Flight Simulator

Marywood's Aviation Management Program built the body of the flight simulator out of an aircraft that was damaged in an accident. The program wanted it to be a Crew Resources Management simulator, but the main focus reducing the cost of flight certification for students in the program. The simulator is linked to a clock, and as the day progresses, the light in the simulator changes to mimic the actual light outside. People in the simulator hear the noises that one would actually hear inside an airplane. The simulator is also designed so students have to fly based on the gages, which is what they would fly on in a real airplane. Marywood's flight simulator is so complete that the only things missing are parts that require it to fly!

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A close-up image of Marywood's flight simulator

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