picture of Leigh Farrar-Freeman Ph.D.

Leigh Farrar-Freeman Ph.D.

Get to Know Leigh

Why have you chosen to be part of the Marywood Alumni Association Board of Directors?

I chose to be part of the Marywood Alumni Association Board as a means of saying, “Thank you for the exceptional quality educational experience”. In addition, I wanted to serve in a collaborative leadership role to help proliferate the vision of the university so that it reaches well into the demographic representation of our multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and neurodiverse human race.

What is your favorite memory from your time as a student at Marywood University?

I’m reminded of my first semester of my doctorate courses with Sister Gail Cabral, I.H.M., Ph.D. I was so impressed with her scholarship and attention to detail that I asked her immediately to be on my dissertation committee. What makes this a funny story is that my request was extremely premature given I hadn’t completed the first class (smile). However, I knew at once that she possessed all that I needed to complete such a huge undertaking as the dissertation thesis at the end. Fast forward, it was in the fourth year of my completed coursework that I asked her again, and she graciously accepted to serve on my committee with that great big smile of hers. Call it what you may, but some things were just meant to be.

What advice would you give a student attending Marywood?

My advice to give a student attending Marywood University would be this, discover and cultivate your niche, so that the profession you pursue is meaningful and sustainable.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I like making homemade red sauces…barbecue, red sweet peppers, marinara; plus, sugary herbaceous simple syrups (made of French lavender, Jamaican allspice, coriander and rosemary)...and my signature rubs (for meats, poultry and vegetables, you name it). Stay on my good side, and I’ll likely gift you a bottle or two over time!!LOL!!

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