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James Eckler


Building Futures

At the heart of Marywood University's School of Architecture, James Eckler stands as a beacon of innovation in architectural education. He inspires a new generation of architects to master the art of creative and critical problem-solving. "The Architect is just one part of a larger group required to realize a building project," Eckler explains, highlighting the essential nature of leadership and teamwork in architecture. "Operating as a leader in a teamwork setting is an imperative skill to develop."

With a solid foundation in Architecture and Architectural Pedagogy from the University of Florida, Eckler's expertise goes beyond teaching; it transforms how students envision and shape urban spaces. 

Under Eckler's leadership, Marywood’s School of Architecture isn't just a place to learn; it's a place to innovate and foresee the urban landscapes of tomorrow. His teaching merges cutting-edge research with practical design studios, creating an immersive educational environment where students actively partake in shaping their future cities. This synthesis of theory and application equips students with the tools to not only imagine but also implement architectural solutions that enhance community living.

As students engage with Eckler’s forward-thinking pedagogy, they find themselves at the forefront of architectural thought, ready to contribute to and transform the built environment. His commitment to merging research with real-world application makes Marywood University a prime destination for budding architects who aspire to lead and innovate in their fields.

"Architectural design is about solving problems critically and creatively," Eckler asserts. "It is about ideas. Every building is about taking a position on the way we inhabit the spaces of the built environment. It is about community, values, and human experience."

Eckler’s scholarly contributions include two influential books and numerous papers that explore the dynamic interplay between architecture and urban spaces. His unique perspective views cities as expansive interior spaces, challenging students to rethink their role as architects in urban environments. This approach emphasizes architecture’s potential to sculpt communal spaces and influence societal interactions.

Discover architecture's potential to redefine urban life with James Eckler at Marywood University—where future architects come to grow, create, and envision the cities of tomorrow.