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Ellen Frantz, chapter president of the Society for Collegiate Journalists (SCJ), and editor-in-chief of The Wood Word, was recently awarded the 2023 Medal of Merit. Weeks later, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in Multimedia Communication (Journalism Track) and a minor in Theatre.

The Society for Collegiate Journalists is the nation’s oldest honor society for student media leaders. Journalism is a foundation of democracy, and, to ensure its future, SCJ focuses on professional development at the collegiate level. SCJ advances ethical, accurate, and innovative collegiate journalism nationally and creates a strong network of advocates for First Amendment education. Lindsey Wotanis, Ph.D., president of the National SCJ Board, serves as advisor for the SCJ Chapter at Marywood University, which, to date, has inducted more than 100 students to its SCJ Chapter.

“I never saw myself as a writer growing up,” said Frantz. “I didn’t discover that part of myself until I became a student at Marywood. There’s a support system here that other schools don’t have. Teachers like Dr. Lindsey Wotanis and Ernie Mengoni make the program special.”

Frantz is a proud Pacer, but don’t get her confused for being a one trick pony. For her senior capstone project, Frantz produced "The Mysteries of Marywood," a three-part documentary on ghost stories and other strange phenomena associated with the University titled, The Mysteries of Marywood.

“I wanted to create something original and entertaining,” said Frantz. “A good portfolio is essential for someone who wants to write for a magazine or work in some form of entertainment coverage. I have that portfolio thanks to Marywood.”

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