picture of Edward J. Pikulski

Edward J. Pikulski

Broadcast and Digital Media Specialist

Times-Shamrock Communications

Why have you chosen to be part of the Marywood Alumni Association Board of Directors?

I have a long history of appreciation for Marywood University. I've seen firsthand what Marywood means to the community. As a graduate, adjunct faculty member, parent of a student, and company director who has hired many Marywood alumni, I can draw a straight line from the institution to success. That's a special connection that I'm very proud of.

What is your favorite memory from your time as a student at Marywood University?

I remember being terrified about the demands of higher learning and the challenges of meeting new people, but that feeling disappeared on my first day on campus. I met many lifelong friends that day - including the best man at my wedding. 

What advice would you give a student attending Marywood?

Take advantage of everything Marywood has to offer. The university has amazing facilities, a beautiful campus, athletics, art, music, and brilliant architecture, and you'll always be a short ride from a vibrant and historic downtown. Marywood can be as big as you want and as small as you need; only a few schools can say that.

What were you involved with during your time as a student at Marywood University? (athletics, clubs, etc.)

I was a four-year announcer for WVMW-FM and TV Marywood, I wrote and photographed for The Wood Word, hosted the student talent show, and served as music director and program director at the mighty VM-FM for a few years.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

 I love bicycles and am a great bicycle mechanic. Everyone in the neighborhood knows to swing by with their funny noises, loose parts, and rusted chains. Watching a sad kid wheel his bike in for a quick repair and ride away a few minutes later with a big smile on their face is a real treat that never gets old.